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What is a successful stoner?

Do you consume and resume? Have you ever needed just an extra puff to crush your quarterly metrics? Or have you recently completed a vigorous workout and nothing feels better on your muscles than a CBD salve? If you answered yes to one or more of these, you my lovely, are a successful stoner and should be damn proud!

And because as such, your cannabis consumption should never be called into question, or used as a comparative on whether you're a good upstanding citizen, employee, student, parent, or whatever role you occupy on this planet.

However, cannabis prohibition continues rear it's ugly head and for some, is still considered a nefarious and illicit drug that heals and helps no one. Worse, for those who do consume, in many cases, must do it in secrecy, especially communities that have been disproportionately affected by the War On Drugs.

And now that there is a legal and thriving marijuana industry, it's not occupied with the shady persona that the government has propagated. It's owned and operated by white affluent men.

So how do we come in?

One On One's main objective is to normalize consumption one story at a time through the art of storytelling.

Their narratives are especially important to foster a thriving and inclusive industry seeking humanize and legalize consumption.

After all, it's just a plant. I mean what type of person would you be if you didn't like plants?

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