Season 7

The Parent - Andrea

Andrea Unsworth founded Tulip & Oak Consulting in 2018 to focus on helping the cannabis industry as a whole. As a Co-Founder of Supernova Women, she is a dedicated advocate and entrepreneur who came to the cannabis industry through her researching and publishing numerous pieces about the industry in California. As a former bond analyst for  Moodys Investors Service, she started her delivery-only dispensary StashTwist in 2014. In 2015 she led the Bay Area chapter of Women Grow, a national for-profit entity whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for women to influence and succeed in cannabis. Andrea has a B.A. from UCLA in Political Science and Sociology, and an MBA with a focus on Company Finance from USC. A California native, she has lived in the Bay Area for 10 years.

The Parent - Kevin 

Kevin Cranford is a Baltimore resident and cannabis activist. Before getting into the cannabis industry Kevin earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in television and media management from Morgan State University. He got into cannabis activism with the Maryland NORML organ  After leaving Maryland NORML Kevin served on the Board of Directors of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), worked with the National Cannabis Festival (NCF) as Co-chair of the advocacy committee. Outside of volunteering Kevin has created the Pot and Parenting newsletter Splimm and the podcast "Black Dad Potcast". The highlights of Kevin’s cannabis work were creating the Go Green 2015 social media campaign and the 2016 Unity Cypher torch relay.

The Parent - CannaDoula

As CannaDoula, Jocelyn Adele Thomas introduces a unique and radical perspective on cannabis use before, during and after pregnancy to the mainstream birth and cannabis communities. Approaching subjects like safety, informed choice, legal rights and medicating while breastfeeding, Jocelyn provides up to date and evidence-based education to pregnant medical marijuana patients and their families in Phoenix, Arizona. A doula since 2013, Jocelyn understands the need for non-judgemental and fully available love and support for her clients.